Jasmine Story is not only an amazing attorney but she is also an amazing person. She went above and beyond in resolving my case. She is hands down one of the best attorneys! Do not be fooled by her young appearance. 

Kelly S.

New Jersey

When I first hired Jasmine, she was so nice and attentive I wondered if she would be a pushover in the Court room or against other attorneys. I quickly learned that not only is she not a pushover, she is a shark! She is an outstanding attorney!

Antonin T.

New Jersey

Jasmine offered me the attention, guidance and representation I needed. The personalized legal counsel I received was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more qualified lawyer.

Ray D.

New Jersey

Jasmine's compassion and professionalism exceeded my expectations. She truly is an amazing attorney. She is brilliant and I highly recommend her services!

Steve J.

New Jersey

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